BusSpeedTest - Memory performance of Access

What conclusions can be drawn from these results?

The improvements to the CHIP memory interface on the Access improve access times for memory reads, giving around double the performance. The interface to motherboard FAST memory is very inefficient for asynchronous 68040/060 processors and in most cases the Access has better memory performance even though it is only using a much slower 28MHz 68030 processor. What are the implications for BoXeR in the future?

The BoXeR is designed to access motherboard memory by default, with an optimised interface that will allow it to achieve or exceed the FAST memory performance of current on-card processor memory. With the processor directly coupled to CHIP memory and our improvements to the interface we expect that we will exceed the memory access performance of current 68040/060 processors.

1. The following results were generated on an Access 68030 28MHz tested using "BusSpeedTest chip fast rom".

2. This test was done on an A3000 with a CyberStorm Mk2 accelerator board. Here is the result for a test of the motherboard memory (specifying FAST with AllocMem of motherboard memory). (supplied with the documentation of BusSpeedTest).

3. This test was done on an A3000 with a CyberStorm Mk2 accelerator board. The ROM is actually a copy of the Kickstart in RAM remapped with the rom2fast program. (supplied with the documentation of BusSpeedTest).

BusSpeedTest 0.19 (mlelstv) Buffer: 262144 Bytes, Alignment: 32768

Memtype Op 1.

Access '030


Mobo mem


On-card mem
Fast Readw 10.1Mb/s 12.6Mb/s 28.0Mb/s
Fast Readl 15.9Mb/s 13.4Mb/s 32.9Mb/s
Fast Readm 17.3Mb/s 13.4Mb/s 33.0Mb/s
Fast Writew 11.1Mb/s 7.9Mb/s 23.0Mb/s
Fast Writel 22.0Mb/s 7.8Mb/s 22.9Mb/s
Fast Writem 21.0Mb/s 7.9Mb/s 22.9Mb/s
Chip Readw 6.9Mb/s 1.9Mb/s 1.9Mb/s
Chip Readl 7.0Mb/s 3.8Mb/s 3.8Mb/s
Chip Readm 6.3Mb/s 3.8Mb/s 3.8Mb/s
Chip Writew 3.5Mb/s 3.5Mb/s 3.5Mb/s
Chip Writel 7.0Mb/s 7.0Mb/s 7.0Mb/s
Chip Writem 7.0Mb/s 7.0Mb/s 7.0Mb/s
Rom Readw 10.2Mb/s *28.0Mb/s 28.0Mb/s
Rom Readl 16.0Mb/s *32.6Mb/s 32.6Mb/s
Rom Readm 17.5Mb/s *32.8Mb/s 32.8Mb/s

*There figures are based on ROM's shadowed into on-card FAST memory and therefore do not represent the performance when reading from the ROM's.

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